Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hope everyone had a safe 4Th of July. Here in my part of the world things were really quiet and I really liked it, rain and all despite my plentiful comments about my fish swimming away. I spent most of the weekend in the studio, still working on odds and ends, but I think that is my need for now. Seems like I can't start much that doesn't turn into cleaning out or organizing some other stash of beads, box of broken vintage jewelry or just plain stuff. I did get some new pictures taken of my "bits and Pieces" a lot of my component's have finally made their way into some finished designs. I am really working towards something more than stringing, I like to play/experiment so the component concept allows me the freedom of playing. I have made several really unique things just with my bowl of misfits.


  1. Love your work! It is good to see what you are doing. Where are you going to sell those?

  2. I really need to get more of your jewelry!