Tuesday, May 9, 2017

 Hello to you all!! Yes I am using my blog!!  I have been chosen to be part of a design team . OOAK Artisan Showcase  This is brand new for me but I am loving it so far!!  Playing with new stuff is always good! So for this months post I was sent Dye-na-flow paints, fantastix brush tips, and Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.


Hey EVERYONE!!! I want to show you all  my new shoes!! Just like when I was kid and showed off anything I got new!! Only now I am older and designed  my own shoes.
These started as a plain white pair of tennies,  from Walmart!!  This project was a blast to make,using the fantastix as markers made  coloring the  random sections very easy and fast.I did each section and allowed them to dry since I wanted these to not bleed into each other! Learned that from the Pair I made  for my Granddaughter Kennedy. Hardest part  was  waiting for them to dry!!   . I then just doodled all over them. Doodling goes way back for me, Back in nhigh school I used to doodle with my uncle David.  He taught me many things!! It took me a long time to believe my doodling could be art!  Now I doodle on everything and anywhere .These shoes even went to the coffee shop where a few of us meet to Drink and Draw! It was kind of like I was a  rebel having shoes on the table and they were a big hit!
I play in a lot of things, experiment and just have fun!! and strive to do different!    Yes I will wear these shoes,  right along with my granddaughter !!


 Life is to short to stay in the lines!  so as Gary says ... I draw my own lines!!