Monday, July 13, 2009

This necklace was not made by me, But by dear friends Lisa and Dedri, with a little input from me. Is it not awesome. many treasures and cool beads make this a keepsake for them to share forever. We have had many good times during our "Play Days" With more to follow, just a little more work to get the play dates set up now!! :)

This is another one of my earlier designs, I Have been inspired by many artists in my designs, and always try to take off on my own doing the things that fill my mind and eventually my journal pages. This was a Birthday gift, for Lisa, Designed with her in mind. I used many things that I felt about her. I know she loves it and wears it proudly.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wow 2 great mail days in a row. Good for me, sad for my check book! Lots of new fun things to add to my ever growing stash. I am not sure why I think I need to order more things, I could / should use up some of my many things hiding in drawers, boxes, baskets, bottles, and bags. But where is the fun in that. Those things I know I have, these other items are new treasures. And I have been in the need for some new fun things going on.
This new photo is my newest design. Not finished quite yet I have a few more items I want to add, along with some, I have yet to find. Told Gary tonight I am due for a good junk day, I have started a list of things I need to find just to finish the designs I have started.
Back to this photo, I have another one in this style sketched out, some on paper, some in my mind. Do you not think this would make the most unusual and awesome rosary. Guess it would have to be for the right person, I am not very knowledgeable about rosarys, just in the making of this design that is the direction my mind was going. Just really need to find more items to fit the theme. Any suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today I mixed several art forms, I did collage, Paper art, wire working and beads! These are a few of the pieces I did today. The necklace has many components in it lace, silk, brass wire, vintage jewelry and old watch parts. Also there is all the cutting, gluing, drilling and wrapping. Despite all the fun, I learned several lessons...
Metal gets hot while drilling..
Wire can poke you..
Exacto Knifes have sharp blades !!
Now these are not lessons thatI didn't already know, just was not prepared to be reminded all in one day. I have tons of these cool components made up and now I get to start putting things together. It seems the more parts I make the more ideas I get. I keep my journal near me most times while working to jot down the many ideas. If not for my journal, I would never remember them all. Now my journal is a whole other entry!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I found these great little muslin bags, and have decorated them to go with the fun new jewelry I am working on. So every piece of jewelry can have its own little happy bag. Guess this goes along with my thinking that every necklace needs a companion necklace and every bracelet needs its own companion too. This all comes from the girl who played with ALL her barbies at once so none of their feelings would be hurt. You would think at some point in my life I would stop this thinking.. But Nope... Who ever said less is more, Never met me!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My bug Pins. Several of these bugs have flown away from home and this is the only one I have left. I have more wings drying right now, But they still have a ways to go before being complete. Some of the new ones are done with dictionary pages, I was gifted a worn out, yellow, falling apart dictionary and have been using it lovingly. I did get a chance to do a little junking this weekend, here and the internet. I have lots of fun new things, I just need top get the brain caught up with the buying. Hope to spend the next few days working up some new components. Seems just making different components helps me see things working together.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have a few more pictures to share. I will be getting them up slowly so stay tuned! Yesterdays picture has already been sold. This is one of a kind but others could be made in the same style. Just remember, its found STUFF so there may never be another item like the one you fell in love with.
I have a lot of new found STUFF, just picked up a new piece today. Cute little mess purse pendant.