Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Its been forever since I have been on here, I so want to keep up with this, but it just gets past me. I did have a lot of fun with my umbrella, and it sold in silent auction for $100.00 I would have loved to keep it, but I guess I will just have to make me another one. Yea I know.. Like that will ever happen.
I don't have any new pictures to share, I have not really made anything, I think I am in technique mode. I want to try something, so I try it, realize i can do it, then put it away. I have been playing a lot with seed beads and loving that. But it really takes a lot more time, something I tend to keep losing.
There is lots of things I want to do, but the creativity is not there, or maybe it is the drive. I have tons of found art stuff, you know all the old stuff and that is really the way I want to go, but sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to figure out what items to use. I love all my little containers and drawers, but I hate going through every thing just to find the right thing. Anyone have any suggestions for me?? well back to cleaning up the stack of plates I just broke!
One extra note I have been moving some of my knotted stuff and my "10" necklace. for those of you who don't remember it I added a picture.