Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Girls should have pretty tools!!

Wow!!  Time for a new project for the OOAK design team.  This one was so much fun! I used a lot of the same products as last months project, as I am trying to do as much with these products as I can. Working on using them as many ways as I can even if its wrong!   This "tool" is a paint brush roll up case.  But in the idea of using things differently, why not use it for pencils, markers, knitting needles, or crochet hooks!!

A new item for me to use is the NEOPAQUE  flowable extender  AND I LOVE IT!! 

The process for this was really easy I used the dyna flow fabric paint and the fantastix pens to paint
 the outside of the case in splotches allowing each to dry. I added strips  of cardboard in each of the slots for the paint brushes to keep the paints from bleeding through to the other side.  The inside was painted each slot a different color. Now for the NEOPAQUE  flowable extender I used it to paint the circles, which allowed me to paint another color over and not change the colors!! I used a bit of black dyna flow to dry brush the edges of colors to help the colors look blended. Several stamps, stencils,and doodling in black tied it all together!! I did each slot differently  because.... that's how I "roll" LOL!!!