Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Charm swap

Yes I joined another swap!!  and yet another one I have to do a blog post for, I Love the swaps,  Makes me get creative with a goal,  but its still not helping my hope  of posting more on this  blog . 

Ryley after his last surgery June 2012

This swap Really hit a happy spot for me though!  The theme was Laughter, as a set of the charms are going to auctioned off to benefit Beads of courage here. Well  charms was enticing enough,  but BOC was the topping!! Many of you know I have a wonderful Grandson, Ryley that was born with a heart defect. He has been through 3 open heart surgeries, and more Dr. apt than most adults have!  Beads Of Courage have been there the whole time! So being 1) a beader and 2) A grandparent of a BOC participant this is Extra special. I have tried to add to his strands  every time I can since many of the ventures I am along too. Well  in came my charms,  and all I can say is  WOW  His special bead for his last surgery is in that group of charms!!
Check out the auction Items here:

Ryley's beads of courage as of June 2012
Walking 24 hours after open heart surgery

Back to the theme of Laughter, I gave this a lot of thought,  even ordered extra tools to do it, then changed my plan all together.  At first look you do not see laughter in my charms, they require a little thought. Cupcakes..Party...Kids...Party.. Playing..  Laughter!!  I had such a great time making these,  used so many tools and techniques, and that in itself made me smile!

Part of the process, each side was taped together so the would match and I would not Have to spend hours matching all the holes together!!
embossed  painted  glazed and wired
ready to package, with smily face charms attached,

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