Friday, August 7, 2009

I have been a little slack in posting, been a lot going on in life, and have not had the time or desire to post or create. But it is coming back. I have been doing a lot of teaching lately, and have included some pics of the freeform class I worked so hard preparing for!! ( way worth it tho) Also a picture of my newest project with peyote. I have always thought there must be some way to do the wire and stitching together, and I think I got it!! No new "vintage stuff" It's still here, just can not apply myself to it right now. I did get this really large basket full of mohair sample and have played around with adding that to beads. Way cool!!! So things are getting back into the swing of things, Just in time for our new addition to take up my time. So stay tuned to my profile, Soon it will read..... Grandma to Ryley!! (monday)