Saturday, March 3, 2012

Todays the day!!

WOW !! finally I get to show the world (ok a small part anyway!!) the pretties I have made with my wonderful Bead Soup, from my wonderful partner Cynthia This is my first Bead soup blog hop, and I have enjoyed it to the max!! I have been taken out of my comfort zone in color, and survived!! Just a little reminder of what I received
Blue is not one of my favorite colors, but i do like this shade, so I enjoyed the beads. I let them set in the boxes for awhile, at the end of the counter where I could see them every time I walked by, and then it snapped!! I knew what I was going to make.!! I do have beads left over, but I liked the big ones so much I used most of them in the necklace!! Little is what is left and I do plan on making a knotted on silk strand, as every necklace needs a companion necklace !! To the beads I received, I added very little.. a few crystals and some fresh water pearls. The necklace has leather, links, and silk ribbon. The bracelet is links, with the center section viking knit with more soup beads stitched on with silver wire. ENJOY I did!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog hop pretties coming tomorrow!!

I Have gotten 2 pieces done.. Photographed .... and ready to post. I have my grandson right now, so posting at midnight won't happen, but hope to get up early and get after it!! Please check back later for a look at what I think was not only fun, but something I will wear and love!