Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Accordion Pocket Book ~~ Holder of Treasures!!

This little book was inspired by a similar book I seen on the internet,  But I did not save it, and for the life of me I have no idea who or where I seen it!! So I made what I thought  I seen. That is really a bit normal for me anyway . I am always seeing something different that what it really is!!   
So I took a chunk of canvas, painted it, and tore it into the sizes I wanted. Now I think i want to make another one,  but this one for my Journal and some pens and supplies, which shows how it can be many different sizes.
 After getting all the pieces the size I wanted I took off with the sewing machine  and a bunch of different threads. I  did decorative stitching, couched on some fibers, and stitched chunks of sheer or painted fabrics randomly.
I then folded them to form the pockets, stitched the sides, and stitched them together with a cool stitch on my machine, that I can not find the name of !  It kind of looks like a ladder with just one upright!  Check out my video, I do have a line drawing of what the stitch looks like on my machine!! 
So having scraps of painted fabric left over  I  decided it needed a tie  and a front cover.  Skipped a back cover as I thick I will be adding a few more pages soon!!
This book was entirely to much fun to make. I just had a tub of chunks of fiber and fabric and paper that I just grabbed and stitched,  really no thought to where when you start,  just not all in the samne places! (HAHA) hardest  part, was waiting for paint to dry!!