Saturday, April 13, 2013

2nd Reveal Bead Soup Blog Hop

WOW  Its time already, we did get a little extra time  and I for one am  So totally thankful for it!! I have one of the greatest partners out there Tracy Kruse  
First batch of soup!
She has been a fun person to get to know.  (and she has good taste too!!) Seems like this hop has been harder to get things done,  Not sure why, as I think my life is still the same,  oh maybe I have just gotten lazier!
Anyway  on to the soup!! This Wonderful person sent a great soup Lots of fun items Many made by Tracy her self which are some of my fav's!! But to top it off this silly girl had ordered silk ribbon to go with the beads  but it was not in on time,  so she sent it when  she got it,  and sent even MORE beads!! Now I am not complaining,  But  she just made it even harder,  I had tons to choose from now!! I had enough to feed several Beaders. . . .   But  no I did not share 
Both batches of soup!!

both batches spread out a little

Now in every swap I have done  Blue seems to be the most used color,  Blue used to be my least favorite/used color,  But I am guessing  the swappers out there got together and decided That was not to be!! Now I am not hooked on blue per-say But I did buy 3 new shirts to go with this color scheme!!  and I painted  my living room turquoise so I must be coming around!!

 Now about my new pretties  I made  just for me!
I spent a good amount of mixing on this soup I just wanted something different and was not coming up with anything (overwhelmed!!)

  The bracelet comes from the silk ribbon she sent  I used a connector that Tracy made as a focal making a hook to finish it as a clasp. I did macrame over a heavier cord for strength
 The next 3 pictures show the necklace. since I only wear long necklaces I wanted it airy and not real heavy. I used one of the embossed washers  at the end of the focal so I had somewhere to put all the fun dangles!!  The back of the necklace is knotted pearls on silk cord, helps with the weight.  This is fun to wear,  and feels good on! I still  have a lot of soup left  and do have another necklace started, and hoped to share it too,  but I took it with me to work on at a friends,  and it came home in a tangled mess! its 8 strands knotted and macrame.

This is a better picture of some of the links, I have the knotted part wrapped twice.  (BTW that blue in the background is the new color of my living room!! :)  )

                                                               Full view of necklace

Close up of  focal!!  Wonderful Lampwork!!
Hope you all take time to visit all the blogs Link here:  Bead Soup Blog Hop   and  be sure to stop by Tracy Kruse and see her awesome art!