Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gelli Print Envelope Book

Wow,  another fun project for the OOAK Design Team.  I have to confess this was one of those sit down to play with no Idea what the outcome will be!!  I knew I wanted to use the Gelli Plate, and there was a stack of envelopes on the worktable. The rest just happened! This really happens a lot more than i will admit!!I tend to start a project and grab what is close at hand , Is it creative or lazy?
I had bought myself a few  "school supplies" that included the Crayola Markers. I used them to color on my small Gelli plate, mist with water and stamp them on the envelopes. I then just added doodles, marks  and more colors until I was happy with the  way they looked!! One of my favorite things to make is books, so it was kind of a given!!  Every thing just fell in to place! Check out the Video on my You tube channel!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Fabric Journal

Happy Fabric Journal

My July  project for the   OOAK Artisan  design team . 
I had a  block with this one for awhile, But once it clicked it only took maybe 2 hours.  In my video I share how I painted the fabric,  I love the white on white fabric as it changes with dye or paint! I don't know how that fabric is made but works great as a resist. I did 2 different techniques one i spritzed the fabric with water before painting and it gives a watercolor look.  
So I had this cool fabric painted for a couple of weeks and just looked at !!  Then I picked it up and played with it and it hit me, a book cover!! 
I tore my fabric to the size I wanted, found in my stash some painted canvas pieces (another started project!), tore the remaining painted fabric and started sewing.  I added some pockets and strips and sewed with 2 colors of thread.  I added a bit of batting between the painted fabric and the canvas backing to help make the cover a little stiffer. The pages were just stacked and sewn in the center,  I did sew slow, 5 layers of painted canvas,1 layer of fabric and batting and my machine went through it all!
The quilting is quite wild, following the painted lines. with a little doodling in some of the spaces.  It is so hard to do a project with out Doodling for me!!  Two more torn strips were sewed on the  edges to give this journal a way to stay closed! This took me only a couple of hours to complete once I figured out what I was going to do!
 If you want to watch these on You Tube
Painted white on white fabric done with water.
Cover before pages sewed in.
Painted fabric

In Process!