Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sticks and Stones a wall hanging

Wow this project was a lot of things, before I Settled on a wall hanging! But I will say the title has always been sticks and stones! from the first circle. I am not good at naming my pieces so I am not sure how a name came to play so early!!
I took a lightweight canvas napkin (clearance for $1.50 set of 4!!!) and painted it!!  Using metallic paints and the 5x5 Gelli Plate I did a series of prints lined up to fill the square. then over stamped with the circle plate.  Grabbed me some acrylic paint, stencil, markers and brushes, and doodled and stenciled accents!! Then came the thinking game..  book cover?  Journal?  Wall hanging? Bag? Pillow?  The only item kicked out of the running was the Pillow when I decided to start sewing stuff to the background.  I used scraps of other printed and painted papers, dictionary pages, scrapbook paper, and some awesome black and white fabric.   I also did some wild stitching to add to the hand drawn doodles. This whole project was way out of my normal colors, but the more I added the more I liked it!! I have a slideshow video of all the different things/ways I wanted to do this,  but I decided for now It is staying this way, Because I like it!!I really enjoyed this process, even the moving things around over and over.  I learned how much help taking pics is,  needed them to get things "right!"  #ooakartisans

Monday, September 4, 2017

Gelli Plate print and doodled stickers

So much fun with these cute little Gelli Plates For this months #OOAKArtisans

Using these fun little #GelliPlates as stamps was just way to much fun!! I used only one stencil , paint that I had on hand, paint markers, and kids gel crayons!! I used full sheet address labels,   added paint,  doodles and smudges of color. All from simple supplies.  Full sheet sticker paper can also be used. Then dig out your punches and make some really cool stickers!!  Check out my You Tube Video.   I welcome any questions and comments!!