Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Soft cover journal

What a project!! This was a breeze, the only idea I had when starting it was painting the fusible web!! Absolutely no idea from there, but it took my hand and showed me the way it wanted to go!!  So I started with the painting of the fusible, ironed it in to the heavy stabilizer added some stamping and then took off!!  I knew I wanted to add more sheer fabrics because I wanted the colors to show through. All the layers are totally out of my scrap basket. I tend to save the scraps everyone else tosses, but funny thing is , I use them!! So after adding all the layers I added the last layer of tulle, stitched around the edges and a few lines of stitching through out to help keep it in place!!  I then ironed the whole thing , with a layer of parchment paper to keep it from sticking this was the final step to hold in place!!  I then used a cool stitch on my machine and stitched it together to form the cover!!  I then added my pages with an elastic headband so they are removable when they are all used up!!  Just fold new pages and you are all set to fill ‘er up again!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My masterpiece!


WOW  was this one a blast!!  I was having a little block as to what project I wanted to do  and was offered a challenge!!  I was shown the picture of the above Zen Doodle workshop E magazine. After looking it over I just went right into my project.  I also added an extra challenge to myself,  I could not go look at the picture again, I just wanted to see if my inspiration and finished projects were close.  The bird picture was the one I liked  and  after finishing I realized the background of the bird is trees!!  Go figure,  but this is the design my mind come up with!!  

So I worked on a flat canvas board for this project, covering it first with old book pages.  This was done because, even with not knowing what my finished project would be, I knew I was going to doodle on it. I do not like to use my pens on canvas,  and the pages helped smooth it out!!
I added torn bits of gelli prints, doodled,  drew my Face and used it as a pattern for more gelli prints and cut the shapes.  I have to say this was an amazing picture to work on.  I have already taken this idea and went with an quilt too!!  Please check out the short video I have with pics of the steps on my you tube channel.