Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WOW Its been a while, I have been busy. I think my family is all settled in and theirs and my life's are starting a "routine". First on my mind is my Little Ryley, he is doing great! There were a lot of rough times to start with, but now we get to enjoy all the accomplishments. The crawling' the walking, The teeth and the getting into everything, etc.
I have spent a lot of time just setting in the studio, trying to find/decide just what I want to do, The first came a major overhaul of the studio. Including getting rid of a lot of stuff that was only being "stored". I think that while I was cleaning my muse took it as a sign to go on vacation. She was spotted in Jamaica with some fruity drinks and cabana boys. But she has made it home, She is being a little stubborn, not sure she like the changes in "her" room, but she is getting there. For the past couple of weeks, I have mostly worked on finishing started projects, some got finished, some tore apart. But I have been really playing and enjoying my cleaner and slightly better organized studio. I have a few designs I want to share, some more Knotting with pearls and semi-precious stones, but adding some found elements to them. Sometimes when I am not sure what to do, I make components , that's what I have done all this week, I have hammered, dapped, hammered, drilled, wired, cut holes and then hammered some more.

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