Friday, November 15, 2013


Today is the Big reveal from all the awesome artists and the charms they made just for this fun swap.  There is one little thing different in this swap, we all send in an extra charm and then the wonderful Jennifer Cameron will post them on Ebay for auction, with the proceeds benefiting Beads Of Courage. As many of you know Beads Of  Courage is a group very dear to my heart. I do not do many swaps,  but this one...  a have too!  My Grandson is a member and has many strands of Bead of Courage beads himself!

This years theme was Love,WOW how fitting!!

I had lots of Ideas in my head but nothing ever seemed to be just right,  I knew it had to be a heart,  so I ordered these cute little hearts in copper.  Again they set around for a week before I had any idea what I wanted to do. Then I remember my embossing folder with X's and O's  and everything fell into place!  I mean come on...everyone knows X's and O's from a 4 year old is the full meaning of Love!! (ok so maybe its a grandma thing!!)
So I cut the brass discs, drilled a zillion holes, stamped love on them,  and added the mini bolts and nuts! Ran them through the tumbler and wah laaa!!

I was very happy with the results, even the time it took to get there,  all for a great cause,  and I got a few charms back myself!!  I have some awesome charms and I have decided just what I am going to do with them!! I am going to take them and add last years charms to the group and make a long necklace,  with only those charms!!  It might get to heavy to wear,  but it will look great on the wall in my studio when it does, where I can see it every day!!
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  1. I am crazy about the charm you made. I have learned so much from just holding it and turning it over and over. Thank you!

    Susan Delphine Delaney

  2. These are SO, so cool, Jean! I love the mini bolts! That's such a great detail! and the XO embossing on the heart is utterly sweet. I'm definitely going to bid on one of these! Wonderful job and my very best wishes to your grandson! It's heartwarming to know Beads of Courage makes a real difference! - Julie

  3. I really love what you did with this charm, and the meaning behind it is so sweet! Thanks for participating and for helping to raise more money for Beads of Courage!

  4. These hearts and kisses are just adorable, Jean, and the contrasting metal colours look so rich together. So glad you were able to add your talent in the pot for a wonderful cause!

  5. Oh your charm is just adorable I love it! Such a sweet meaning behind it. I hope it's still left at auction

  6. I was admiring your charms in the auction - and now that I know their story, they aren't only adorable, they are very precious too!

  7. Love is about hugs and kisses. Touch releases chemicals in your brain and makes you feel more affectionate towards people. 4 year olds are smarter than we are.

  8. Your charms are so sweet! All those kisses sent everywhere!

  9. I love my charm, it's wonderful.. thank you! x