Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Girls should have pretty tools!!

Wow!!  Time for a new project for the OOAK design team.  This one was so much fun! I used a lot of the same products as last months project, as I am trying to do as much with these products as I can. Working on using them as many ways as I can even if its wrong!   This "tool" is a paint brush roll up case.  But in the idea of using things differently, why not use it for pencils, markers, knitting needles, or crochet hooks!!

A new item for me to use is the NEOPAQUE  flowable extender  AND I LOVE IT!! 

The process for this was really easy I used the dyna flow fabric paint and the fantastix pens to paint
 the outside of the case in splotches allowing each to dry. I added strips  of cardboard in each of the slots for the paint brushes to keep the paints from bleeding through to the other side.  The inside was painted each slot a different color. Now for the NEOPAQUE  flowable extender I used it to paint the circles, which allowed me to paint another color over and not change the colors!! I used a bit of black dyna flow to dry brush the edges of colors to help the colors look blended. Several stamps, stencils,and doodling in black tied it all together!! I did each slot differently  because.... that's how I "roll" LOL!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

 Hello to you all!! Yes I am using my blog!!  I have been chosen to be part of a design team . OOAK Artisan Showcase  This is brand new for me but I am loving it so far!!  Playing with new stuff is always good! So for this months post I was sent Dye-na-flow paints, fantastix brush tips, and Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.


Hey EVERYONE!!! I want to show you all  my new shoes!! Just like when I was kid and showed off anything I got new!! Only now I am older and designed  my own shoes.
These started as a plain white pair of tennies,  from Walmart!!  This project was a blast to make,using the fantastix as markers made  coloring the  random sections very easy and fast.I did each section and allowed them to dry since I wanted these to not bleed into each other! Learned that from the Pair I made  for my Granddaughter Kennedy. Hardest part  was  waiting for them to dry!!   . I then just doodled all over them. Doodling goes way back for me, Back in nhigh school I used to doodle with my uncle David.  He taught me many things!! It took me a long time to believe my doodling could be art!  Now I doodle on everything and anywhere .These shoes even went to the coffee shop where a few of us meet to Drink and Draw! It was kind of like I was a  rebel having shoes on the table and they were a big hit!
I play in a lot of things, experiment and just have fun!! and strive to do different!    Yes I will wear these shoes,  right along with my granddaughter !!


 Life is to short to stay in the lines!  so as Gary says ... I draw my own lines!!

Friday, November 15, 2013


Today is the Big reveal from all the awesome artists and the charms they made just for this fun swap.  There is one little thing different in this swap, we all send in an extra charm and then the wonderful Jennifer Cameron will post them on Ebay for auction, with the proceeds benefiting Beads Of Courage. As many of you know Beads Of  Courage is a group very dear to my heart. I do not do many swaps,  but this one...  a have too!  My Grandson is a member and has many strands of Bead of Courage beads himself!

This years theme was Love,WOW how fitting!!

I had lots of Ideas in my head but nothing ever seemed to be just right,  I knew it had to be a heart,  so I ordered these cute little hearts in copper.  Again they set around for a week before I had any idea what I wanted to do. Then I remember my embossing folder with X's and O's  and everything fell into place!  I mean come on...everyone knows X's and O's from a 4 year old is the full meaning of Love!! (ok so maybe its a grandma thing!!)
So I cut the brass discs, drilled a zillion holes, stamped love on them,  and added the mini bolts and nuts! Ran them through the tumbler and wah laaa!!

I was very happy with the results, even the time it took to get there,  all for a great cause,  and I got a few charms back myself!!  I have some awesome charms and I have decided just what I am going to do with them!! I am going to take them and add last years charms to the group and make a long necklace,  with only those charms!!  It might get to heavy to wear,  but it will look great on the wall in my studio when it does, where I can see it every day!!
Check out all the other awesome artists blogs!!

Caroline Dewison: http://blueberribeads.co.uk
Charlene Bausinger Jacka: http://clay-space.com/blog/

Saturday, April 13, 2013

2nd Reveal Bead Soup Blog Hop

WOW  Its time already, we did get a little extra time  and I for one am  So totally thankful for it!! I have one of the greatest partners out there Tracy Kruse  
First batch of soup!
She has been a fun person to get to know.  (and she has good taste too!!) Seems like this hop has been harder to get things done,  Not sure why, as I think my life is still the same,  oh maybe I have just gotten lazier!
Anyway  on to the soup!! This Wonderful person sent a great soup Lots of fun items Many made by Tracy her self which are some of my fav's!! But to top it off this silly girl had ordered silk ribbon to go with the beads  but it was not in on time,  so she sent it when  she got it,  and sent even MORE beads!! Now I am not complaining,  But  she just made it even harder,  I had tons to choose from now!! I had enough to feed several Beaders. . . .   But  no I did not share 
Both batches of soup!!

both batches spread out a little

Now in every swap I have done  Blue seems to be the most used color,  Blue used to be my least favorite/used color,  But I am guessing  the swappers out there got together and decided That was not to be!! Now I am not hooked on blue per-say But I did buy 3 new shirts to go with this color scheme!!  and I painted  my living room turquoise so I must be coming around!!

 Now about my new pretties  I made  just for me!
I spent a good amount of mixing on this soup I just wanted something different and was not coming up with anything (overwhelmed!!)

  The bracelet comes from the silk ribbon she sent  I used a connector that Tracy made as a focal making a hook to finish it as a clasp. I did macrame over a heavier cord for strength
 The next 3 pictures show the necklace. since I only wear long necklaces I wanted it airy and not real heavy. I used one of the embossed washers  at the end of the focal so I had somewhere to put all the fun dangles!!  The back of the necklace is knotted pearls on silk cord, helps with the weight.  This is fun to wear,  and feels good on! I still  have a lot of soup left  and do have another necklace started, and hoped to share it too,  but I took it with me to work on at a friends,  and it came home in a tangled mess! its 8 strands knotted and macrame.

This is a better picture of some of the links, I have the knotted part wrapped twice.  (BTW that blue in the background is the new color of my living room!! :)  )

                                                               Full view of necklace

Close up of  focal!!  Wonderful Lampwork!!
Hope you all take time to visit all the blogs Link here:  Bead Soup Blog Hop   and  be sure to stop by Tracy Kruse and see her awesome art!

Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Charm swap

Yes I joined another swap!!  and yet another one I have to do a blog post for, I Love the swaps,  Makes me get creative with a goal,  but its still not helping my hope  of posting more on this  blog . 

Ryley after his last surgery June 2012

This swap Really hit a happy spot for me though!  The theme was Laughter, as a set of the charms are going to auctioned off to benefit Beads of courage here. Well  charms was enticing enough,  but BOC was the topping!! Many of you know I have a wonderful Grandson, Ryley that was born with a heart defect. He has been through 3 open heart surgeries, and more Dr. apt than most adults have!  Beads Of Courage have been there the whole time! So being 1) a beader and 2) A grandparent of a BOC participant this is Extra special. I have tried to add to his strands  every time I can since many of the ventures I am along too. Well  in came my charms,  and all I can say is  WOW  His special bead for his last surgery is in that group of charms!!
Check out the auction Items here:  http://myworld.ebay.com/glassaddictions

Ryley's beads of courage as of June 2012
Walking 24 hours after open heart surgery

Back to the theme of Laughter, I gave this a lot of thought,  even ordered extra tools to do it, then changed my plan all together.  At first look you do not see laughter in my charms, they require a little thought. Cupcakes..Party...Kids...Party.. Playing..  Laughter!!  I had such a great time making these,  used so many tools and techniques, and that in itself made me smile!

Part of the process, each side was taped together so the would match and I would not Have to spend hours matching all the holes together!!
embossed  painted  glazed and wired
ready to package, with smily face charms attached,

Check out all the other Great charms !!  here

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Hop`

WOW  I can not believe its time to share, seems like I just got my soup! Seems like life just fills the days to the brim! That is obvious by my posts, or lack of!  I have so enjoyed the swaps but I am beginning to wonder if I am really a blogger. I really want to try,  but   well  no excuses,  if there is a program where i can just talk and my posts get typed  well  That I can do!!  :)   Now on to my soup. I have been in a cord/fiber craze lately,  so I decided to keep going and do it with my soup!  First a picture of my soup from my fabulous partner  Christine Stonefield  of http://sweetgirldesign.blogspot.com/

With 2 great choices as focal I used the polymer as my focal, measured what I thought would be enough cord and took off.  With no real plan I knew 3 things,  the focal was the center, the clasp off set,  and the silk would make its own bead (mixed with wire). The bracelet was a little more planned,  I did plan on using the cool wood beads in that one,  but they just did not lay the way I wanted them to!  Blue has not been  one of my favorite colors, but Its a strong color I have received in lots of swaps so I guess there is a force getting me to use it. I have given most of my finished blue pieces to my daughter in law,  but this one.. Its mine, even  bought a shirt to go with it,  and have already worn it! (sorry Krystal!) so thanks for reading this far and enjoy the hop!!
 Check out the others by going to Lori Anderson' s blog http://www.prettythingsblog.com/
I tried to add the list,  but my ability to do so was not there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Give away!!!

Lori Anderson is having a Fun giveaway on her blog
check it out!! http://www.prettythingsblog.com While you are there look around an see all the fun stuff she has going on. And you can share for your chance to win!!