Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stolen moments.

It seems to have been a busy week, yet, I can not point out any one reason for it, or thing I accomplished. Been going a lot, I drive about 400 miles a week, but that is a great time for ideas to come to mind. Not sure if it is because my mind is more open, or an evil plan, since I can not jot them down real quick. The first half of this week has been spent with my Mr. Ryley, he stayed at grandma and grandpas so he could go to his heart Dr. appt. He is doing GREAT!! growing and is where he should be for an almost 1 year old! Not much art done this week since I have had my little helper and believe me he can and will help with everything!!

I have been able to steal a few moments here and there to work on my umbrella project. You can only work for so long then your arms get tired, there is no way to rest them, when you are doodling on this surface. I am having a real blast with this, it has been a while since I doodle this much and this big. I am needing a name for this, so if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears!I do have some things in mind, mostly key words, but All input is appreciated, naming is not my thing!

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  1. Amazing illustrations on the umbrella! The only name I could think of was "Let It Rain". Seems cliche', but my thinking was: Who cares if it rains? Look at this fabulous umbrella I have!