Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gelli Print Envelope Book

Wow,  another fun project for the OOAK Design Team.  I have to confess this was one of those sit down to play with no Idea what the outcome will be!!  I knew I wanted to use the Gelli Plate, and there was a stack of envelopes on the worktable. The rest just happened! This really happens a lot more than i will admit!!I tend to start a project and grab what is close at hand , Is it creative or lazy?
I had bought myself a few  "school supplies" that included the Crayola Markers. I used them to color on my small Gelli plate, mist with water and stamp them on the envelopes. I then just added doodles, marks  and more colors until I was happy with the  way they looked!! One of my favorite things to make is books, so it was kind of a given!!  Every thing just fell in to place! Check out the Video on my You tube channel!

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