Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Far Behind . .

Well I am so far behind I could never catch up, so I will just have to start over!! Things around here never seem to slow down enough to get done what needs to be done, let alone do what I want to do. After a frustrating look for something in the studio, I realized I had way to many started projects. So with that in mind I did some "re-organizing" I took a good look at the UFOs (UN finished objects) and made some decisions. I took some apart, the ones I knew were there because I really did not like them. Finished some and took the rest and bagged each one together with all components to finish them. When I was finished, it was not so overwhelming!! Thinking I would finish all them before starting new ones... well that flew out the window!

I have intentions on setting a website up but I seem to be a bit slacking in that area too! So I am sharing some photos of what is done. Hope you enjoy!

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