Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today I mixed several art forms, I did collage, Paper art, wire working and beads! These are a few of the pieces I did today. The necklace has many components in it lace, silk, brass wire, vintage jewelry and old watch parts. Also there is all the cutting, gluing, drilling and wrapping. Despite all the fun, I learned several lessons...
Metal gets hot while drilling..
Wire can poke you..
Exacto Knifes have sharp blades !!
Now these are not lessons thatI didn't already know, just was not prepared to be reminded all in one day. I have tons of these cool components made up and now I get to start putting things together. It seems the more parts I make the more ideas I get. I keep my journal near me most times while working to jot down the many ideas. If not for my journal, I would never remember them all. Now my journal is a whole other entry!!

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  1. WOW, thse are beautiful! When we going to make one in class????